After Cosmetic Surgery: Spa-Like Post operative Care

Many people think that the hardest part of cosmetic surgery is the surgery itself, however that is only the BEGINNING. Most times these operations require general anesthesia and should be considered major surgery. With that being said, that means that the weeks following cosmetic surgery are vital to ensuring a safe, smooth recovery while protecting your new investment.

Our CEO Nurse Tish of Vanity Wellness and Body, is specialized in post-operative care, nursing, and wound care. Tish has been working in this field for over 17 years and maintains a staunch philosophy of providing a positive and energizing healing experience and individualized client care. Vanity Wellness and Body located in Dallas Texas, offers intensive postoperative care to speed up the recovery process and comfort you while you heal. Let us serve you in a relaxing, spa-like environment and provide you the utmost care you deserve.

After your surgery

Congratulations on completing your surgery! You’re probably excited to see your results and get back to your everyday life. Patience is crucial when it comes to healing from your surgery. It’s essential that you slow down during this time and focus on rest and caring for yourself while your body heals. Think of it as some added R&R time.

Everyone’s body is different and heals at a different rate. Here are some general guidelines for recovery time for some of the surgeries we offer:

-Liposuction (4-6weeks)
-BBL (4-6weeks)
-Tummy tuck (4-6weeks)
-Breast augmentation (3-4 weeks)

Although your Doctor may allow you to go back to work, your body will still be healing for many months before it is considered “back to normal.” Undergoing some of our specialized post-operative services will help minimize pain while making your recovery more comfortable.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage aka (Lymphatic massage)

Your lymphatic system contains tissues and organs that work to purify your body from toxins and harmful chemicals. After surgery, your body may accumulate fluid and swelling due to the trauma of surgery. Lymphatic massage works to remove fluid buildup and decrease pain.

Most people will start with a minimum of 20-30 sessions and then re-evaluate. After those initial sessions, it is recommended that you continue with your Lymphatic Drainage sessions to help re-educate and regenerate your lymphatic system for several weeks after surgery. Here is the recommended schedule:

❖ Week 1- Daily
❖ Week 2-6: 3 times weekly (typically every other day)
❖ Week 7-12: 2-3 times weekly
❖ Week 12- 16: 1-2 times weekly
❖ Week 16 and beyond: 1-2 times monthly

Benefits of post-operative care

Healing from your surgery isn’t an easy task. Your body is especially vulnerable during these times, so give yourself the care it deserves by getting care from medical professionals and our 4X post op certified trained staff. In addition to pain relief and improved wellness, some benefits of these treatments include:

❖ Faster recovery time
❖ Reduced swelling
❖ Pain relief
❖ Reduces your risk of infection

Schedule your postoperative care with Vanity Wellness and Body today by calling +12142103299 or booking online here and now.

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