Post-operative care, nursing & wound care Specialist


Meet Letitia!

Letitia "Tish" Smith is Vanity Wellness and Body’s very own leading nurse, specializing in post-operative care, nursing, and wound care. Tish has been working in this field for over 14 years and maintains a staunch philosophy of providing a positive and energizing healing experience and individualized client care.

Tish has herself been on the operating bed while undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, and has firsthand experience of how intimidating and scary medical procedures can often be. She therefore is devoted to making her clients comfortable and relaxed, providing unmatched care and superb customer service to everybody who seeks her help. Having personally witnessed the complications poor post-surgery care can cause, she has great expertise in assessing and detecting post-operative complications in patients and is committed to ensuring a seamless and rapid recovery for them.

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Looking to boost your energy levels or leave stubborn fat behind forever? You are in the right place! With our non-invasive, result-oriented treatments, combined with a luxurious and comfortable spa environment, we promise you a life-changing and transformative full-body experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, healthy and ready to take on life!

Licensed, insured and privately owned, Vanity Wellness and Body is a spa and care agency that successfully services the DFW metroplex. We have created a safe space for our clients in the DFW area where they can find answers to all of their skin and body concerns. Our team of skilled Nurses firmly believes that a flexible and personal approach with every one of our clients is key to producing the best results possible, and we apply this philosophy in every medical or beauty challenge we deal with. At Vanity Wellness and Body, your beauty, health and satisfaction is our number one priority.


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Our mission is to provide state of the body treatments to our clients - ranging from simple IV hydrations to more complicated procedures like non-invasive body contouring, surgical incision site care, cosmetic post-operative care treatments and so much more. With advanced scientific methodologies, cutting-edge technologies and years of expertise and practice in the field all under our belt, we promise you a journey of unwinding, recharging and beautification.

Whether you walk through our spa doors looking for a thorough pampering experience or just a simple body rejuvenation, we will give you your very own iconic “She’s All That” moment as you strut out of our premises with radiant skin, a toned body and confidence that’ll be the talk of the town!

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